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Titanic VR Free Download [March-2022]




The story follows Jack and Rose, whose very personal and romantic love story leads them down through the icy waters of the North Atlantic and into the wreck of the RMS Titanic. Enjoy and dive in! As you dive deeper into the bowels of the RMS Titanic you will find yourself face-to-face with her titanic watery grave. Our journey begins in a warm, modern cruise ship as the sun sets in the horizon. You step on the boat deck and make your way into the long, sweeping corridor that leads to the door to your cabin. You take your time, and you smile. You are a guest on board the RMS Titanic for the evening. Welcome to the First Class Dining Room. The room is warm, but not toasty. You take off your heavy coat and sit at the table. Someone approaches, "Good evening, Mr. Brown, I’m steward Stuart. Please accept this gift of seedless wine. It’s a taste of France’s harvest. Let’s drink to your voyage, my friend." "Oh, yes, thanks Stuart. You are too kind." “Actually, it’s French champagne, and I brought it especially for you. Enjoy.” You take a sip and look over the menu. You are delighted that they have included your favorite meal: Beef Tenderloin. The waiter then sees your gaze. He says, “For you, sir, if you’ll just sign the card.” You look at the card, and it reads: “On behalf of the Titanic’s staff, I am pleased to welcome you aboard the RMS Titanic. I hope you will enjoy the food and company during your evening’s cruise. Thank you, Captain, your attention to detail means so much to us, and your graciousness and kindness means the world to us.” You sign the card and turn to leave the room. But as you stand up, you look down and see a strange look on your suit jacket. It is buttoned all the way up. You turn to look at the card, but there is no card. You look to the table and all your wine and champagne are gone. You are looking at a neatly folded piece of paper with a signature on it. You stand there for a moment. You slowly stand up and turn to see what Stuart has done with your wine and champagne. You notice the table has been cleared and every scrap of paper




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Titanic VR Free Download [March-2022]

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